2016 Results Report

NETCO is in its fourth year of operation under our current funding model, based on hourly contributions linked to collective
agreements between International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) local unions and contractors/employers in the
electrical construction sector and utility sector. Through 2016, we are continuing to ramp up our activities as the promoter and
facilitator of excellence in technical training across Canada.

It may be that that our biggest challenge in the coming months and years will come in trying to meet the growing demand for our
insights and expertise. Provincial and territorial governments are increasingly seeing value in workforce development, and are
supporting initiatives to identify labour market opportunities and explore new directions in training. The federal government is
focused on making Canada a leader in green technology.

Training organizations operated by joint boards or IBEW locals – our clients – are growing rapidly and enjoying increasing
success and public recognition. And finally, NETCO is continuing our work in solidifying relationships with our US counterpart – The electrical training ALLIANCE™ – and with pan-Canadian partners such as the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship.

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