Changes to apprenticeship model and compulsory trades make promotion essential

February 19, 2019


JEPP continues to promote ECAO/IBEW CCO to highlight value of brand

Changes to apprenticeship model and compulsory trades make promotion essential

The Joint Electrical Promotion Plan (JEPP) is looking for great stories to promote and encourages ECAO member contractors and IBEW business managers/representatives to reach out if they have interesting projects or customers who would be willing to be featured in our ad campaigns.

Our campaigns have been featured on all the major television networks including CTV, CBC, Global TV.  There were five articles published in the National Post last year featuring our members, and we have had radio campaigns on the Fan590 and 680 News. We have also been featured in magazines and in video displays in busy shopping paths and at Dundas Square. It’s important to have campaigns that feature members from across province, allowing us to focus on local issues and audiences.

We still have a lot of work to do. Helping to build our brand and showcase the ECAO/IBEW CCO team as leaders in the industry is important to maintaining and building market share.  Our provincial government is currently looking at making major changes to apprenticeship and to the certification and enforcement of compulsory trades.  Positioning the ECAO/IBEW CCO brand as community-minded professionals with a long history of building Ontario’s infrastructure safely and effectively will help us gain a voice in important decision-making processes affecting the future of our trade. Some examples of articles featured on our website include:

Profile of our work at three iconic buildings in Ottawa

Article on the Toronto Joint Electrical Apprenticeship Council’s focus on excellence in training

Contractor mobilizes team to support charities

ECAO/IBEW team building safe, reliable transit

Kingston contractors and local IBEW give back to community

For story suggestions, contact Sherri at or call 416-809-6560.