NETCO Applauds Major Federal Investment in SMR Technology in New Brunswick

March 18, 2021

For Immediate Release 

March 18, 2021 

Saint John, NB – Today in Saint John, New Brunswick, Moltex Energy was on the receiving end of a $50.5 million dollar grant to advance the companies carbon-free energy technology. 

This major initiative is part of the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) and Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) to advance its project to design and commercialize a molten salt reactor and spent fuel recycling facility here in New Brunswick. 

The National Electrical Trade Council, (NETCO) supports the growth of this technology and is a strong advocate for SMRs, their development and the ongoing investments from all levels of government.   

The New Brunswick Higgs government has already announced a 20-million-dollar investment into ARC Clean Energy Canada (ARC) which is working on development of the modular reactors. 

These new technologies will enhance the electrical industry in Canada, and as a participating partner in the Small Modular Reactor Action Plan, NETCO is committed to training and developing a diverse nuclear Workforce. 

NETCO will continue to work with our training partners across Canada that includes our nation’s trade unions, universities, colleges, polytechnics, and research institutions to deliver the training required for this next level of energy development. 

“Canada is poised to become a leader in the creation of small modular reactor technology. This will benefit and grow the electrical industry in Canada,” explains NETCO Executive Director Melissa Young.  

“SMRs will provide many advantages including environmental ones that will allow our country to reach our net-zero emissions goal in 2050 as well as far reaching economic benefits,” said Young. 

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What is NETCO? 

NETCO is Canada’s National Electrical Trade Council. 

As an alliance of the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Canada, NETCO is the authoritative, pan-Canadian voice of electrical contractors and IBEW local unions representing apprentices and journeypersons in every province and territory. 

NETCO’s mandate is to promote national standards in electrical skills training and to advocate on policy issues of importance to our partner organizations. 

NETCO works to develop training standards for new technologies — for example Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and PV Solar — that are used across Canada. We’re a robust advocate for the electrical industry on pending changes to Canada’s Red Seal Program. We offer industry-specific training resources to foster excellence in training. And we sponsor an annual training conference to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders engaged in electrical apprenticeship and journeyperson skills training. 

NETCO works closely with the electrical training ALLIANCE™ (ALLIANCE), a U.S.-based partnership of contractors and the IBEW and the largest electrical skills training organization in the world. With the ALLIANCE’s support, we are promoting the adaptation of blended learning methods — the integration of classroom learning with interactive digital instruction — to meet the needs of Canada’s electrical contractors, apprentices and journeypersons.