The National Electrical Trade Council Lauds Investments for Skilled Trades and Green Energy included in 2021 Federal Budget

April 20, 2021



The National Electrical Trade Council Lauds Investments for Skilled Trades and Green Energy included in 2021 Federal Budget


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Mississauga, Ontario – The National Electrical Trade Council (NETCO) is very pleased with major funding earmarked for labour and skills development and electrification as part of the 2021 federal budget.

Well over a billion dollars has been earmarked to help train, place, and reduce barriers for jobseekers including incentives for employers who hire underrepresented people in the skilled trades.

NETCO Executive Director Melissa Young said these investments tie directly into the organizations mandate and they look forward to assisting with educating the electrical industry as part of the roll out of these programs.

“The chain of funding budgeted through Employment and Skills Development Canada could not come at a better time, with the shortage of skilled workers being felt across the nation,” said Young. “Wage subsidies for employers that hire underrepresented people in the trades and subsidies for apprentices themselves, will help break down some barriers that these groups sometimes face. Coupling that with funding to upskill and reskill jobseekers to fill these well-paying opportunities in the trades is a formula for success to strengthen our economy,” explains Young.

On the Green Energy front, budget announcements included electrification of the countries transportation systems, interest free loans for energy retrofits for Canadian households and a reduction in corporate and small business income tax rates for those that manufacture zero-emission technologies.

“I was pleased to see the proposed investments of over $56 million over the next 5 years pegged for this sector in the budget including bringing in uniform standards and getting more electrical vehicles on the road,” said Young. “NETCO offers training courses that offers proper training for electricians and contractors to install electrical vehicle charging infrastructure at homes and at business places.”

Young said these investments will stimulate the energy sector and will drive demand for skilled trades workers. NETCO will be partnering with industry stakeholders including the IBEW, the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association and other training partners to roll out various specialized training programs including the above-mentioned Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP).

Young adds other exciting training initiatives will be unveiled at their annual conference, May 5-6, 2021.

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