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Guide to Best Practices for Joint Apprenticeship Committees (JACs), 2009

This Guide is intended as a continuous improvement tool for Joint Apprenticeship Committees (JACs)—the Labour-Management partners directly involved in apprenticeship administration. It offers 67 best practices related to six areas: JAC Governance & Management; Apprenticeship Administration & Training; Protocols for Selecting Apprentices; Journeyperson Skills Training; Mentoring; and Essential Skills.

This tool encourages JACs to conduct a self-directed Best Practices Audit for the purpose of building on strengths and targeting potential areas for continuous improvement. It may be used to stimulate a private, internal review of how your current practices correlate to the best practices endorsed by NETCO.

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Test-Taking Strategies for Interprovincial Red Seal Electrical Exams, 2007

Test-Taking Strategies for Interprovincial Red Seal Electrical Exams, 2007

NETCO’s research shows that inadequate Reading Text skills are a barrier to success for apprentices and journeypersons who write Red Seal exams. Trades instructors may assist by building the Reading Text skills the trainee will need to perform well on the multiple-choice sections of Red Seal exams. This Learning Package consists of a CD containing an Instructor’s Guide, organized into five modules, and 40 corresponding PowerPoint slides. The curriculum takes one and a half hours (90 minutes) to deliver. The modular structure allows for flexibility in using all five modules in a single training session or in selecting specific modules for delivery. It can be seamlessly integrated into the technical training already being provided to apprentices and journeypersons.

The first 40 minutes (Modules 1-4) provide a theoretical framework; the last 50 minutes (Module 5) provide an opportunity for practice. The practice session is based on trade-specific multiple-choice questions. Instructors need to source questions in advance.

For practice questions related to the Construction Electrician Red Seal Exam, this curriculum recommends the use of the Electrician’s Self-Assessment Tool (ESAT). ESAT is endorsed by NETCO, and available for purchase from the CSA Group.

For questions related to the Red Seal Exams for Industrial Electrician and Powerline Technician, NETCO recommends that Instructors source appropriate questions from technical training materials. These are typically easy to access.

While NETCO designed this Learning Package for use with apprentices and journeypersons in the three Red Seal electrical trades, most of the content is applicable to any Red Seal trade. NETCO makes it available for purchase to other trades as a public service.

Test-Taking Strategies for Interprovincial Red Seal Electrical Exams, 2007

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Essential Skills Needs Assessment of IBEW Members in Canada (Construction and Utility), 2003

This report identifies barriers to skills development and lifelong learning related to nine Essential Skills (e.g., Reading Text, Numeracy, Problem Solving) needed to learn and work in the electrical construction and utility industries. There is a particular focus on identifying and addressing barriers to success in electrical apprenticeship.

The recommendations are the blueprint for NETCO’s ongoing Essential Skills Initiative.

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The Electrical Trade – A National Labour Market Study, 1997

The findings from this joint CECA-IBEW Labour Market Study are as relevant today as they were in 1997. It concluded that technological change was having a significant impact on the electrical trades. It called for an enhanced focus on skill development through apprenticeship and ongoing journeyperson skills training to build and maintain a skilled workforce and to capture new and emerging markets.

The study recommended establishing a national, joint Labour-Management vehicle dedicated to strategic human resource planning. This triggered the creation of NETCO.